Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services keep the carpets on your business premises clean at all times – no matter how big or small your offices are, and no matter how many people walk over them on a given day.

We can provide our carpet cleaning services either as a once-off task, or as a regular service that preserves and extends the life of your carpets and improves their appearance.

You have the option of Dry powder carpet cleaning or Wet extraction carpet cleaning.

Dry powder carpet cleaning entails the use of dry powder rather than water to clean your carpets. Because there’s no drying time involved, your carpets can be used again immediately after cleaning, which minimizes disruption to your business’s day-to-day functioning.

Wet extraction carpet cleaning is idea for those carpets that need extra attention. Our shampoo foam extraction system gets rid of stubborn stains and heavy dirt. We usually recommend that you use this carpet cleaning service for high traffic areas of your office every three to six months, in addition to our regular dry powder carpet cleaning service.